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Bob Myers on Warriors offseason: 'Ask me at the end of the season'

Bob Myers met with the media Thursday and discussed a wide range of topics.

Kelley L Cox-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Golden State Warriors general manager Bob Myers sat down with the media Thursday and discussed a realm of different topics, including just where he thinks the team stands heading into the 2012 season, expectations for Stephen Curry and more. has the entire interview, but here are some of the major highlights from Myers' conversation with reporters.

On Golden State's offseason:

"I keep getting asked that. I finally settled on a response and the response is: ‘Ask me at the end of the season and I'll tell you what kind of offseason we had.'"

On expectations this season:

"We have not had a culture of winning and until we actually go do that, it doesn't matter what I say, what coach says or what anybody says. It matters what we do, what our team does.

"What I'm trying to say is, I think if we employ the right process in how we go about what we're doing, working hard, doing things the right way, then the results will come. There's a quote: 'You cannot ensure success, but you can deserve it.'

"I just want this team to deserve to be successful. Whatever result that means. I think if we put in the time and employ the right process, we'll be happy with the result. But to turn it on its head and say this is what the result is going to be, I don't know that that's productive.

"Unless we actually go do it, and the results are there, which is winning ... We're not an organization that has a history of winning each year, so it's almost that I'd rather go do it and let the results speak for themselves as opposed to saying it's going to happen."

On Stephen Curry:

"In the offseason, I talked to Stephen and I said: ‘I don't know and I don't want to know, but whatever you did think (in the past) or whatever encumbrances you think might have existed, it's your team. So go be the point guard of this team. That's coming from our coach, too. But he's our point guard. If that was an excuse (playing alongside Ellis) or was in the past, whether it was right or wrong, it doesn't exist anymore."

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