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Warriors coach Mark Jackson: 'You don't really have to be creative'

Golden State Warriors head coach Mark Jackson doesn't think he'll have to be any more creative with this season's Warriors squad than he was with last year's team.

Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

As the Golden State Warriors get ready to open training camp on Tuesday, Oct. 2, head coach Mark Jackson took some time to sit down with members of the media on Wednesday to address a variety of subjects, according to Matt Steinmetz from CSN Bay Area.

Jackson touched on the competition at the small forward spot between Harrison Barnes, Brandon Rush and Richard Jefferson, noting that it's too early to make that call and that the spot will be won by the player who isn't necessarily the best player, but the player that makes the team better.

The second-year head coach was also asked about the status of injured center Andrew Bogut, who is coming back from a broken left ankle. Jackson said he hopes to have his center ready for Day 1 of training camp.

Perhaps the most interesting exchange during the Q & A came when Jackson was asked whether he thought he'd need to be more creative with this season's Warriors team than he was with last year's squad. He told CSN Bay area:

"I think when you look on the floor, the weapons we have, you don't really have to be creative. Those guys can score. If you look at the great coaches or the great teams, there's nothing creative about throwing the ball to Michael Jordan on the foul line or Kobe on the wing ... That's not creative. That's just some bad boys getting it done when it matters most.

"It puts us in a better position because we certainly have weapons and we've added depth. Now, coming off the bench, there's no drop-off.

"We have guys at every position now that on any given night can outplay the best in the world. If Klay Thompson gets 25 points on – I'm not going to name anybody – it's not a shock. If Stephen Curry outplays the best point guard in the world, it's not a shock. Same thing with our center, power forward and whoever our small forward is going to be. We can play with the best in the world at every position."

Apparently Jackson won't have to be creative, nor will he have to push himself to be confident in the abilities of his young players.