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Golden State considering 'Hack-a-Howard' against Lakers

Mark Jackson said the Warriors are considering utilizing a Hack-a-Howard strategy against Dwight Howard and the Lakers on Saturday.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Dwight Howard may spend plenty of time at the free throw on Saturday as Golden State head coach Mark Jackson said the Warriors may utilize a Hack-a-Howard strategy.

The Warriors employed the strategy last season which resulted in Howard attempting a NBA record 39 free throws. Golden State lost that game, and the strategy proved to be ineffective, but Jackson said the Warriors may go to it again. In an appearance on ESPN 710 AM, Jackson said Golden State would utilize a fouling strategy if the situation presents itself.

"That's just the right move to make as a coach. Whether it's Dwight Howard, DeAndre Jordan, it doesn't matter whoever it is. If that opportunity presents itself, I'm going to entertain it and more than likely do it," Jackson said according to ESPN Los Angeles. "Now, if you make the shots, it will make me adjust, but I'm going with what the data says in front of me."

Howard, who is making just 50.6 percent of his free throw attempts this season, said he would be ready if the Warriors turn to the Hack-a-Howard. He said he's been working on his free throws recently and believes he will be able to step up and hit the free throws to make the Warriors pay.

The Warriors did not employ the strategy in the first meeting against the Lakers this season as Howard attempted just four free throws.