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Warriors getting praise from opponents

The Hawks' DeShawn Stevenson is giving credit to the Warriors.


The Golden State Warriors have had a great season and have won six of their last seven, all on the road. That includes beating a very good Atlanta Hawks team on Saturday night, 115-93. The Warriors played an excellent game against the Hawks, with five players in double figures and holding the Hawks to 37 percent from the field.

After the game, Hawks swingman DeShawn Stevenson gave the Warriors high praise for the way they played on Saturday:

"They played the right way," Stevenson said. "They got off to a great start. They rebounded. They did things that we didn't do. You can't play a team like that and expect to win. They are too talented."

Getting an opposing team's player to give out high praise does not happen all that often, so for Stevenson to mention how good the Warriors are shows how good Golden State is playing.

The Warriors' winning streak has put them within striking distant for the best record in the Western Conference. They are currently just 3.5 games behind the Oklahoma City Thunder, but the top is crowded as Golden State is sitting at the No. 5 spot. Within the Pacific division, the Warriors are just 1.5 games behind the Los Angeles Clippers for the division lead.