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Warriors to face stiff test in upcoming schedule

The Golden State Warriors have proven they can beat a variety of teams, but the toughest segment of their schedule is just around the corner.

Mike Ehrmann

The Golden State Warriors have done a good job so far with their schedule. They have handled most of the teams they should have, although they've had some letdowns like their losses against the Orlando Magic and the Sacramento Kings. They have also notched some huge wins, beating teams like the Los Angeles Clippers, the Dallas Mavericks and the Miami Heat. And they've managed wins against middling teams like the Suns, Cavs, Timberwolvs, Pistons, Wizards and Bobcats.

Golden State has had a fairly easy schedule up to this point. They've played teams with a winning percentage of about 48%. They have a soft valley ahead where they play four teams with terrible records in the next five games.

However, coming up next will be a brutal 15-game stretch. Eleven of their next 15 games will come against teams with a combined win percentage towering over 58%. This section of their schedule could determine whether Golden State has the ability to still be a legitimate contender to make some noise and get to the playoffs.