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Andrew Bogut injury: How will possible return affect winning Warriors?

The Golden State Warriors are doing just fine without center Andrew Bogut, but implementing him into the success if and when he's healthy is the next challenge for head coach Mark Jackson.


Having won seven of their last eight games, the Golden State Warriors appear to have very little to worry about. Mark Jackson's club is rolling behind efficient offense, solid-enough defense and without former No. 1 overall pick Andrew Bogut, who is still recovering from ankle surgery.

The 7-footer's return, whenever that may be, might be something to watch. CSN Bay Area columnist Ray Ratto warns that the addition of even a good player could mean improvement, but it could even end in regression:

Andrew Bogut sits and stews internally. He hates his ankle, and he hates his foot, and that won't change until they stop acting up. But it isn't the pain that hurts -- it's the not knowing whether he can add to the forming portrait, or change it for the worse while trying to make it better. Adding sometimes is subtracting and subtracting adding. And sometimes, Bogut knows and hopes, adding is just adding. Alchemy is unpredictable that way.

At the end of November, it became clear that Bogut's ankle surgery wasn't minor. The center and management needed to hold a press conference to clarify that both parties were in agreement and that the franchise wasn't pushing the seven-year veteran to return sooner than the microfracture procedure on his ankle would allow.

Bogut played in four games at the very beginning of the season, but has since been shut down as his Warriors have opened the season with a 14-7 record.