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2012 NBA power rankings: Golden State Warriors in top 10

The Golden State Warriors generally seem to be a top tier team in the NBA, while the Sacramento Kings are still working their way forward.


Here are the latest NBA power rankings from the various basketball scribes.

The Sacramento Kings rose up thanks to winning three games in a row last week against the Toronto Raptors, Orlando Magic, and the Portland Trailblazers. Seth Rosenthal of SB Nation has the Kings rising all the way up to 22nd. Marc Stein of had the Kings going up six spots from 29th to 23rd. John Hollinger of ESPN has the Kings sticking right at the 23rd spot.

The Golden State Warriors are sticking in the top ten, remaining right at the ninth spot after another solid week by going 3-1. Rosenthal has the Dubs sticking right in the ninth spot after beating the Pistons, Nets and Wizards (all on the road); surprisingly, their only loss this past week came against the Magic at home. The Warriors rose up two spots from 11th to 9th in Stein's ESPN rankings. Interestingly, Hollinger had Golden State moving down a spot from 13th to 14th.