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NBA power rankings 2012: Warriors have a strong week while Kings continue to struggle

The Golden State Warriors are fighting through injuries and still playing well while the Sacramento Kings continue to have issues.

Ezra Shaw

SB Nation released its most recent NBA power rankings and the Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings were both in the 20s, near the bottom of the league.

The Warriors had one of their better weeks of the season with two wins over the Atlanta Hawks and Minnesota Timberwolves but fell to the Thunder in Oklahoma City, which isn't a loss in which one can be too disappointed.

The Warriors are now 5-5 and after being ranked No. 22 last week, they moved up two spots to No. 20.

SB Nation credited their defense, rebounding and the emergence of rookie Harrison Barnes as the major catalysts for a strong week.

Meanwhile, the Kings are off to a 2-8 start and fell one more spot to No. 29 in this week's rankings. The Kings lost three games this week to the Portland Trail Blazers, Hawks and Brooklyn Nets:

"Keith Smart's way of dealing with spotty bench play (plus suspension) is evidently to futz with his rotations and go 10-or-11 deep every night. All that and ... nope, still nothing. This is all a build-up to sneaking six-man lineups onto the floor, though, and when that time comes, look out."

The Kings have seen better days.