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Are Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson compatible?

The Warriors have two elite scorers on their roster in Curry and Thompson, although they have struggled to compliment each other on the court at times.


Finding success on a nightly basis in the NBA hinges on finding balance in the rotation. The Golden State Warriors have plenty of offensive firepower on their roster, although head coach Mark Jackson has struggled incorporating various players together when on the floor.

This includes Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, who are both former first round picks with a lot of talent. The two currently make up the Warriors backcourt, and while they are both able scorers, questions over their ability to coexist have been raised. Here is Matt Steinmetz of CSN Bay Area with the latest.

Thompson is a terrific shooter, particularly from 3-point range. It's the strength of his game, and he's a threat from anywhere on the perimeter.

But is that the kind of two guard you want playing with Curry, who isn't a penetrator, isn't really a slasher and doesn't kick-out from the lane very often?

Warriors coach Mark Jackson can talk all he wants about the defense of Curry and Thompson, and how both have improved. But they're still not a good defensive backcourt.

CSN Bay Area also raised a couple of questions about the athleticism of both guards, stating they really have to work at getting quicker and stronger in order to become a formidable defensive options.

There is no doubt Curry and Thompson have the talent to be compatible for the Warriors, but unless the two are willing to make changes, we may be looking at another Curry and Monta Ellis situation. We all know how that turned out; Ellis now plays in Milwaukee, while Golden State is still searching for answers in the backcourt.