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2012 NBA standings: Warriors hovering in 2nd in Pacific

The Golden State Warriors are still hanging around in second place in their Western Conference Pacific Division. The rest of the Pacific's teams, aside from the Clippers, have yet to get their acts together.


The Golden State Warriors (4-4) are holding their own in the absence of center Andrew Bogut, with Wednesday night's 92-88 win over the Atlanta Hawks ending their brief two-game skid.

The Warriors will now be departing for a three-game road trip this weekend with stops in Minnesota, Oklahoma City and Dallas.

Unlike Golden State, the Sacramento Kings (2-6) have yet to break out of the bottom-feeding chain that has confined them over the past few years and have dropped three straight. The Kings dropped the first matchup of their four-game home stand to Portland Tuesday, but they'll be hoping to right the ship against the Hawks, Nets or Lakers.

As for the rest of the conference, the Los Angeles Clippers (6-2) still sit atop the Pacific with Wednesday's 107-100 win over the Miami Heat showing the rest of the conference that they are a legitimate title contender. The other LA team, which is still getting accustomed to being called the other LA team, has not played since its 84-82 loss to the Spurs Tuesday but will be taking the court this Friday against the Phoenix Suns (4-5) in a battle for third place in the Pacific.

Below are the full Pacific standings:

Pacific Standings

Los Angeles Clippers 6 2 .750 0 Won 4
Golden State 4 4 .500 2 Won 1
Phoenix 4 5 .444 2.5 Lost 1
Los Angeles Lakers 3 5 .375 3 Lost 1
Sacramento 2 6 .250 4 Lost 3

(updated 11.15.2012 at 5:39 PM MST)