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ESPN's J.A. Adande puts Dubs' depth on '10 things to watch' list

The Golden State Warriors have transformed themselves into a team oozing with depth at all five positions

Christian Petersen - Getty Images

Wait, did the Golden State Warriors quietly assemble a 10-deep roster without telling anyone?

It sure seems that way and ESPN's J.A. Adande pointed it out as his No. 7 item in his ‘Ten Things To Watch In The West' piece that dropped on Thursday.

It makes sense. The Warriors roll out a starting five of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Harrison Barnes, David Lee and Andrew Bogut. Then the second five comprises of Jarrett Jack, Brandon Rush, Richard Jefferson, Carl Landry and Andris Biedrins, five players who Adande notes have started 59 percent of their career games. That's a lot of experience coming off your bench and all but Biedrins are hard-nosed, no-nonsense players, a change from the Warriors of recent past.

A healthy Bogut and Curry will give this team a look it hasn't seen in a long time in head coach Mark Jackson's second year at the helm. It's a versatile unit that should contend for the playoffs. And be a team worth watching.