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Washington Generals 'star', 76-year-old try out for Santa Cruz Warriors

76-year-old Don Wiberg is trying out along with dozens of others to try and make the Golden State Warriors Developmental League affiliate in Santa Cruz.

Thearon W. Henderson - Getty Images

There is a senior citizen trying out to make the Santa Cruz Warriors team. Don Wilberg is 76 years old and hasn't played basketball in over 20 years. But he figured it was worth the entry fee to try and make the team.

Julie Jag of San Jose Mercury News has more on the story.

Seventy-six-year-old Don Wiberg hadn't played basketball in 20 years, having traded it in for beach volleyball, when he stepped on the court Sunday. He admits he couldn't make his high school team and that he played one year at Cal Tech before deciding he was better at water polo.

Still, he couldn't resist the S.C. Warriors' claim that it would welcome anyone over 18 who was willing to pay the $100-125 entry fee.

"It's on my bucket list," he said. "You know, what the hell."

The Santa Cruz Warriors are currently conducting open workouts. This is the second and final tryout for the D-League affiliate of the NBA's Golden State Warriors, and the most crowded. The first, held in Oakland a week earlier, drew 39 prospects.

Wilberg was one of 68 individuals who was drawn to Aptos High gymnasium with a chance to try and make the team. D-League rules limit teams to invite only as many as five individuals from these open workouts to actually try out for their team, but that does give plenty of promising individuals the chance to fulfill their professional basketball dreams.

Bay Area rapper Lil B also tried out for the team. Here's some footage of him in action.