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2012 BCS Rankings, Week 9: Stanford climbs to No. 18 with rebound win

Stanford got back on track Saturday against Cal and the computers rewarded the team by moving the Cardinal up three spots.

Ezra Shaw

The new BCS rankings were released Sunday evening and the computers decided to move Stanford up three spots to No. 17.

The Cardinal easily won 21-3 over the Cal Golden Bears on Saturday but were also assisted with losses from Texas A&M and Cincinnati. The computers also curiously dropped Clemson below Stanford despite the Tigers easily disposing of Virginia Tech, 38-17, this weekend.

As for the rest of the Pac-12, Oregon also oddly saw their stock slip as they fell one spot to No. 4. That slight drop is sure to turn some heads as the Ducks destroyed ASU, a team which was No. 24 in the USA Today poll, this past Thursday.

Oregon State and USC were more fortunate with both teams moving up one spot in the rankings. The Beavers now rest at No. 7 while USC continues to creep up the top-10, coming in at No. 9.

Stanford's real opportunity to jump up the standings will come three weeks from now when Oregon State comes into town for an important Pac-12 North showdown.