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Josh Nunes Picked As Stanford's Starting QB For His Command

Trying to replace Andrew Luck at quarterback is no easy task, but that's exactly what David Shaw and the rest of the Stanford Cardinal coaching staff had to do this season. Josh Nunes has become the anointed one, but more for his command and consistency than pure athleticism.

Comparisons between Nunes and Brett Nottingham are certainly stark contrasts. Nunes, who is more similar to Luck in his control of the game, earned himself the job and Coach Shaw's pick heading into the season:

"It's like the RG3 (Robert Griffin III) comparisons with Andrew Luck," Shaw said. "RG3 has a stronger arm than Andrew, but Andrew can make all the throws. It's the same with Josh Nunes. He can make all the throws he needs to. It's not that his arm is weak. He can throw it 60-65 yards, but all you need to do in a game is throw it 40-45 yards."

Nottingham has one more year of eligibility than Nunes, though the bell that Shaw kept ringing was about Nunes's consistency:

"Consistency. Josh has been the most consistent. It's not just about throwing the ball. We need to be able to change the plays at the line of scrimmage."

Shaw isn't getting Luck 2.0, but he certainly feels Nunes is a more than adequate replacement.

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