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2012 College Football Preseason Rankings: Stanford Cardinal Polled At No. 18

With guys like Andrew Luck, Jonathan Martin, David DeCastro, Chris Owusu all looking to make their NFL dreams come true, it's easy to see why some would think the Stanford Cardinal could been in trouble for their 2012-13 season. But according to the 2012 college football preseason rankings, college coaches across the country still see the Card as a top 25 program, ranking them at the 18th best football program in the nation heading into the season.

The USC Trojans and Oregon Ducks got high praises from the coaches in the preseason poll, with Southern California sitting in the No. 3 spot behind LSU and Alabama. They even received 18 first place votes to boot. As for the Ducks, they reside in the No. 5 spot this preseason, while the Washington Huskies sit just outside the top 25 after getting a number of votes as well.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, the Cal Golden Bears were no where to be found in the preseason poll.

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