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Mark Madsen, Stanford Basketball Assistant Head Coach

Mad Dog is back in college basketball. Scott Reiss of CSN Bay Area has more on the topic.

This will be Madsen's second significant stint as a coach. He was an assistant on the Utah Flash for the NBDL in 2010, where he helped out big men on their low post moves. You figure he'll be asked to do similar things for Stanford's bigs, as the Cardinal have one of the more talented big man lineups in the Pac-12.

Madsen had been back at Stanford most of the last two years in Palo Alto completing his degree in the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Madsen's time as a Cardinal was perhaps the most prolific in Stanford basketball history, as the Cardinal went 105-24, won two conference championships and made it to the Final Four.

Now, all shall dance!

Talk about the return of Madsen to college basketball over at Stanford's SB Nation site, Rule of Tree.

Check out the SB Nation college basketball YouTube channel below and see if you'd want to subscribe to the videos.