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Andrew Luck Is About To Become A Very Rich Man With The Colts

After spending the last few years as a student-athlete at Stanford University, quarterback Andrew Luck is about to become very, very wealthy with the Indianapolis Colts. While the NFL has implemented a rookie pay scale in order to keep their contracts somewhat reasonable -- it's the JaMarcus Russell Rule -- Luck is still set to earn boatloads of cash after being the No. 1 draft pick a few months ago.

He is yet to sign his rookie deal with the Indianapolis Colts, but the talks appear to be progressing well between both sides. Just how much is Luck expected to make in his first few years as a professional quarterback? Probably more than you'll make in an entire lifetime.

Here is the latest from Indianapolis:

Not too shabby for being all of 22 years old.

Luck is expected to be the Colts' starter from day one of the season, so it's pretty safe to say he's going to earn that money. He'll be replacing a legend in Peyton Manning who has been the highest paid NFL player for the last decade or so ... what's seven or eight million dollars a season when a franchise has been paying their quarterback upwards of $20 million for years?

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