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Mel Kiper Mock Draft: Andrew Luck To Indianapolis Colts

Andrew Luck of the Stanford Cardinal continues to be the best possible option for any team to pick at quarterback. Luck is a top signal-caller who has great pocket presence and accuracy, excellent measurables and arm strength, and definitely can hit all areas of the field without fail.

The biggest question is whether Luck will be the first one drafted. Robert Griffin III is a worthy adversary for the top pick in the draft, although it's likely he'll end up second overall. But both have their advantages if they're picked first.

Mel Kiper's latest mock draft files this report, which you can view if you have an ESPN Insider account ($). Seems that Kiper is secure in having Luck being the number one pick.

No, the knowledge that Luck will be doing a private workout with the Colts doesn't change my thinking here. His pro day was as good as expected -- meaning, very good -- and Luck has little left to prove before draft day. I'll be interested to see if he and the Colts get something done contractually before the draft to further diffuse any suspense.

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