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Andrew Luck 2012 NFL Draft Profile From SB Nation Studios [VIDEO]

Andrew Luck of the Stanford Cardinal is the man everyone has all eyes on heading into April and the NFL Draft. Luck is the consensus number one NFL draft pick. He is the best pro-style quarterback available on the board, and is the most ready to succeed at the next level. He has all the tangibles you want

Of course, you can't get the stamp of approval until a 1920s old-timer narrator gives you the go-ahead. SB Nation Studios was happy to provide us with the blueprint. Check it out after the jump.

Andrew Luck 2012 NFL Draft Profile (via sbnnfl)

With the Colts possibly interested in RGIII, it might be worth taking a look at his profile as well.

Robert Griffin III 2012 NFL Draft Profile (via sbnnfl)

To discuss the likelihood of Luck being drafted by the Colts, head on over to Stampede Blue. To talk about Luck being the number one pick with Stanford football fans, hit up Rule of Tree. More extensive coverage of the 2012 NFL Draft can be found at our SB Nation hub.

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