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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Cowboys Select Stanford's David DeCastro

With the NFL Draft nearing closer by the second, mock draft aficionados around the globe are getting as much information as possible about scouting all the top talents. One such group of mock draft addicts are our friends over at National Football Post, who feel that Stanford's offensive guard David DeCastro will be the right fight with the Dallas Cowboys in their 7.0 edition mock draft. ere's National Football Post's Wes Bunting with the commentary:

The idea of drafting an athlete like DeCastro and potentially playing him next to 2011 first-round pick Tyron Smith at left tackle has to sound mighty intriguing.

It certainly must for most Boys fans, though Dallas could also go a number of different ways with the first round pick if they felt like it. More protection for Tony Romo never seems to be a bad thing down in Big D, so this pick is a great fit at No. 14 overall.

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