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NFL Draft 2012: Chris Owusu Wants To Make An 'Immediate Impact' In the NFL

Former Stanford wide out Chris Owusu has been training hard in the East Bay since the college football season ended, hoping to hear his name called as early as possible in the upcoming NFL draft.

Doug Kyed of got the chance to catch up Owusu recently, talking to him a bit about his background and what to expect in the draft and into the NFL. Here are some of the highlights from the interview:

DK: And playing in Harbaugh's offense, you got to have the experience of playing in a pro-style offense, and playing with a great quarterback like Andrew Luck, what do you think that's going to do for you in the NFL? How do you think that will help you?
CO: Yeah, it only helps you. I think that the West Coast Offense is one of the more complicated offenses; it's more concept-based than just numbers-based, so in terms of the transition from college to the NFL I think it's going to make it a lot easier. I'll be able to adopt the playbook a lot faster than people who didn't get the chance to play in a West Coast Offense. In terms of playing with Andrew, I was blessed to be playing with him in my college career. He's a humble guy but he makes you work a lot harder, so I'll be able to work very hard. By playing with the best quarterback in the nation, I was blessed.

DK: What do you think is the biggest thing that sets you apart from some of these other wide receivers?

CO: I feel like I am a dual threat. I feel like I can make an immediate impact for an organization because I'm able to return kicks as well and I can return pretty well. It's all about making an impact for your organization and I feel like I can make an immediate impact.

DK: I know that everyone probably asks you about this, and it's one of the questions you get more often, but the concussion history. What do you have to say to people who might doubt you or push you down draft boards because of that?

CO: I don't know, if they want to overlook me, they can overlook me. But I plan on making an immediate impact in the NFL; whoever drafts me, I'll work as hard as anyone on the field. I just can't wait for the opportunity to play this game I love. I just can't wait to play football.

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