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2012 NFL Draft: Andrew Luck Likely No. 1 Pick As Peyton Manning And Indianapolis Colts Prepare To Part Ways

If Andrew Luck had any doubts that he'd be the number one pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, they were probably alleviated today when the Indianapolis Colts turned loose Peyton Manning. It's clear Jim Irsay and Manning haven't seen eye-to-eye for awhile and that the Colts really want to use the pick they have to draft their next quarterback, particularly when a player of Luck's caliber is available for them to draft.

Here's what the sources have to say about the Manning situation.

The decision to pass on the $28 million bonus owed Manning and not to pick up the four remaining years on his contract means Manning will become a free agent, and sources told Mortensen that he intends to continue to play.

The four-time league MVP missed the entire 2011 season after having his third neck surgery in 19 months, a fusion of two vertebrae. His doctors have medically cleared him to resume his career and Manning has increased his throwing regimen.

All Luck has to do is hold off a late charge from Robert Griffin III to hang on and win the rights to try and become the next franchise quarterback for the Colts. But the former Stanford signal-caller is going to be stepping into some big shoes next year.

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