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Andrew Luck Gives Life Lessons At Gruden's QB Camp [VIDEO]

One of ESPN's Jon Gruden's favorite things to do during the offseason is his Gruden's QB Camp series in which he has one-on-one sessions on the field and in the study room with quarterbacks of the upcoming draft class. This year he's in for a real treat as Stanford's Andrew Luck stops by.

In thIs clip below, Gruden asks Luck quite possibly the most important question ever asked in the history of civilization.

"What is Spider Two Y Banana?"

Andrew Luck at Gruden's QB Camp (via ESPN)

"Let's not make this real confusing," chimes in to Gruden as Luck takes over at the white board. His grasp of the play he's asked to draw up, 'Green Right Slot Spider Two Y Banana,' is certainly most impressive, knowing the in's and outs of all the players roles in relation to his own. He's doing so well that Gruden is left with the astonished look of a schoolboy with a crush on his teacher during the entire process.

The fullback is the No. 1 option on this play, because according to Luck, you "can't go broke making a profit," proof that his stellar education received at Leland Stanford Junior University goes further than simply academia and football.

"You know Spider Two Y Banana don't you?"

Yes Jon. He most certainly does.

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