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Ray Lewis Motivates Stanford Basketball For NIT Semifinals [VIDEO]

The Stanford men's basketball team defeated Massachusetts in Tuesday evening's NIT semifinal matchup 74-64, leading virtually the entire game. Stanford continued their strong postseason run with the victory and we might now know why. Prior to the game, Ray Lewis met with the Cardinal squad and provided another one of his patented motivational speeches.

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Ray Lewis Speech

I'm not sure what exactly led to Ray Lewis making an appearance at Madison Square Garden, but clearly his speech had the Cardinal fired up. And yes, towards the end you did hear him say he is "pissed off for greatness." I'm not quite sure what exactly that means, but it makes me want to run through a wall. You can read a transcript of the speech HERE.

The Cardinal will face the Minnesota Golden Gophers in Thursday's NIT championship game. The contest will go down at 4:00 p.m. PT at Madison Square Garden. Let's hope the Cardinal are pissed off for greatness.