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NFL Draft 2012: Colts Plan Private Workout With Andrew Luck, Not RG3

The 2012 NFL Draft is less than a month away and the Indianapolis Colts continue their preparations. The latest news has the Colts planning a private workout with Stanford QB Andrew Luck. In an interesting twist, the Colts will not conduct a private workout with Baylor QB Robert Griffin III.

According to Colts GM Ryan Grigson, circumstances do not allow them to do anything private with RG3. It is entirely possible their schedules just don't match, but given that there is still plenty of time before the draft, one has to imagine those circumstances are the fact that the Colts plan on drafting Luck. This has been the expected move dating back to last fall, but Griffin has done enough in the draft process to at least pique the media's interest in developing a battle for the number one spot.

In reality, that battle is nothing more than a media-created story. Griffin has looked great for going on seven months now, but Luck has done plenty to avoid dropping from that top spot. He is as safe a pick as one will likely find in the NFL Draft and the Colts are going to select him. This private workout news only further emphasizes that result.