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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Andrew Luck To Colts, David DeCastro To Seahawks, Jonathan Martin To Giants

The Stanford Cardinal was a highly successful football team last year because of the amazing talent they had on their team. Ryan Van Bibber of SB Nation releases his latest mock draft for 2012, and it has FOUR Stanford football players being picked in the first round. We discuss three of them here.

Andrew Luck gets picked first, again. The Indianapolis Colts just can't pass up on a sure thing, can they?

In the weeks ahead, I expect there to be a healthy debate about whether or not the Colts will flip the order and take Griffin first. Luck, the best quarterback to come out in a long time, has been guaranteed to be drafted first for so long, that our short attention spans forget just how good he is because we are not bombarded with daily reminders.

David DeCastro ends up being picked 12th by the Seattle Seahawks. Who better to lead block for Marshawn Lynch than one of the best guard prospects in recent memory?

It seems odd to see another offensive lineman in the draft for Seattle, but they did a pretty solid job of fixing other areas in free agency. They need someone to replace Robert Gallery. DeCastro is a rare specimen at guard, a guy who might be one of the league's best by October.

Jonathan Martin is dropping nearly out of the first round, though. The New York Giants pick him last.

The victim of a poor workout at his pro day, Martin provides some youth and upside to the Giants' offensive line.

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