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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Andrew Luck To Colts, David DeCastro To Chiefs, Jonathan Martin To Lions

Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck, Stanford offensive guard David DeCastro and Stanford offensive tackle Jonathan Martin are near dead certainties to be drafted in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft. The question is where?

We all know where Luck will end up. He's either going to be the first pick, with a small chance at being the second pick. DraftTek has more.

The media horde and all the decision-makers gathered at Palo Alto for the Pro Day of Andrew Luck. EXCEPT the Colts head coach and GM. Possible sign that Indy has suddenly veered off their expected choice and go RG3 with the #1 selection in April? Doubtful. Hard to believe that Irsay would split with HOF'er Peyton Manning to take a shot at RG3 with a shift in thinking at the very last second. Luck ripped it into a stiff wind during the entire workout. Colts go with Luck.

DeCastro is moving up the boards and inching toward the top ten. DraftTek has him going 11th to the Chiefs.

With Eric Winston in the fold, DeCastro makes a ton of sense here. Athletically, he is a top 5 talent. He is considered the best Guard prospect since Steve Hutchinson and will lock down an offensive line spot for ten plus years, more than likely at a multiple Pro Bowl level. An offensive line of Albert, DeCastro, Hudson, Asamoah and Winston would serve notice that the Chiefs are looking to run the ball first. Newly signed RB Peyton Hillis and Jamaal Charles would be estatic.

Martin is sliding just a bit down the board, falling to 23rd to the Lions.

This is a dream pick for the Detroit Lions who need to start re-investing in their offensive line sooner rather than later. Jeff Backus is re-signed, but isn't a sure thing due to a torn bicep. Jonathan Martin isn't the phenomenal prospect some were making him out to be, but he's been a solid blocker in pro-style offense at Stanford and could step right in and push for reps at either tackle position in Detroit.

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