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NFL Draft 2012: A Closer Look At Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III Pro Days

Over at SB Nation's Indianapolis Colts blog Stampede Blue, Brad Wells took some time to take a closer look at quarterbacks Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, and their respective performances at their respective pro days.

Both men shined in their own way when performing on Pro Day with folks in awe of Luck's 'polished' quarterback skills that have had scouts drooling over him for seemingly forever. He dimed a 70-yard bomb into the wind, missed four out of 50 completions because of drops, and was near perfect despite blustery winds and cool temperatures.Wells notes that some may have chuckled over the fact he didn't throw in the confines of Lucas Oil Stadium during the combine, but was more than able to get it done in the elements as well.

Griffin makes it look just as easy out there, though some believe he is much less 'polished' on the field that Luck. He made 51 throws at his pro day at Baylor, looking calm and relaxed throughout as music played over the loud speakers. He would tell reporters he just wanted to show that 'he's been working' not trying to impress anybody as his pro day.

The Colts could take either one in this year's draft and likely have their QB of the future, but how will they ultimately decide?

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