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NFL Draft 2012: Cody Fleener's 40 Time Impresses At Stanford Pro Day

Coby Fleener's 4.45 second 40-yard dash time has NFL scouts and draft experts convinced that he is the No. 1 tight end prospect. Various teams are interested in Fleener's potential, including the New York Giants who hold the No. 32 overall pick:

Sayre Bedinger from SB Nation's Mile High Report believes the Denver Broncos might consider drafting Fleener in the first round with their No. 25 overall pick:

Currently, Fleener is considered a first round fringe prospect, but his speed and athleticism that were on display at Pro Day may vault him to the first round. If Fleener is picked in the first round he will likely be the fourth Stanford first-round pick. Andrew Luck, David DeCastro and Jonathan Martin are all projected to be picked in the draft's first 20 picks.

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