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NFL Draft 2012: Andrew Luck Stanford Pro Day Recap

Andrew Luck looked like Andrew Luck in Stanford's Pro Day on Thursday. The projected No. 1 overall draft picked threw a 70-yard pass into the wind and showed exceptional footwork according to SB Nation's Mocking the Draft.

If the 70-yard pass into the wind is not enough to convince pundits about his arm strength, here is the opinion of Mike Mayock who was covering the event for the NFL Network:

"He has a good arm, not a great arm. And that's fine -- arm strength's the most overrated tool in a quarterback, anyway," said NFL Network's Mike Mayock while covering the event. "He's got plenty of arm strength to play in this league, trust me. (Via: USA Today)

According to an Associated Press report, Luck completed 46 of 50 passes to his receivers — three of the incompletions were drops by the receivers. Though Luck is considered to be a lock to the Indianapolis Colts who hold the No. 1 pick, the Washington Redskins who hold the No. 2 overall pick met with Luck on Wednesday night and attended his Pro Day workout.

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