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Andrew Luck Pro Day: Projected No. 1 Pick Throws 70-Yard Bomb Into The Wind

Andrew Luck may be the highest-rated collegiate quarterback to enter the NFL Draft since Peyton Manning or John Elway. Gifted with a rocket arm, solid mobility and incredibly high football IQ, Luck brings everything an owner could want in his first round pick.

There is very little doubt that the Indianapolis Colts will draft Luck No. 1 overall at the 2012 NFL Draft. Heck, they let go of Manning just so they could bring Luck to town without any distractions.

While working out at his pro day on Thursday, Luck put on a show for all the scouts, coaches and front office members in attendance. The highlight of his day? We have video of an incredible throw after the jump...

What a throw. And those in attendance said Luck was throwing into the wind, which makes the 70-yard bomb even more impressive.

Colts fans, you're going to be in good hands for many years to come.