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2012 NFL Draft: David DeCastro Receives Interest From Bengals

David DeCastro is one of a kind--an offensive guard who will probably come in and start at a potential All-Pro level the next ten or so years in the league. The Stanford lineman deserves just as much credit as Andrew Luck for the resurgence of the Cardinal back to the top of college football.

At least one team is taking a close look at DeCastro.

Cincinnati obviously could use some offensive linemen on the interior. While their pass protection was stellar for their quarterbacks, their run blocking was ranked often in the bottom tier of the league.

However, Cincinnati is a little low in the draft order, and DeCastro might not be available when they get to their pick in the first round. Could it be possible that the Bengals end up trading this pick to move up to draft him? It might be worth it to get someone who's as close to a sure thing as DeCastro is.

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