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NFL Free Agency: Reggie Wayne Staying With Colts Will Benefit Andrew Luck

The Indianapolis Colts are currently in the process of blowing up a good majority of their roster. While just about every veteran has been let go, Reggie Wayne re-signed with the team on a three-year deal on Tuesday. Not only is Wayne still a capable wide receiver, but he also has years of experience working with Peyton Manning, arguably the greatest quarterback in the history of the league.

Andrew Luck is expected to be the starter from the day he sets foot in Indianapolis and will inevitably have some rough days while he makes the transition to the NFL. For as many things that Wayne does well on the field, he does them equally well off the field. He will serve as the perfect mentor off the field for Luck to follow and also gives him a strong receiving option to look for every week. To think that these two will develop an excellent chemistry in the coming months is not out of the question at all.

As for Luck and his other receiving options, the Colts are looking pretty thin right now. Tight ends Dallas Clark and Jacob Tamme are both likely gone and Pierre Garcon left to sign with the Redskins. You can bet that Indianapolis will continue to be active in the free agent market and will also draft at least one wide receiver and tight end at the 2012 NFL Draft, if not more. For as talented as he may be, Luck is going to struggle if he doesn't have anyone to throw the ball to.

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