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2012 NFL Draft: Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III To The Dallas Cowboys? Don't Count On It

We all figured we would hear it at one point or another this offseason after yet another year of missing the playoffs: there may be a quarterback controversy in Dallas. While Tony Romo is a very talented quarterback and is capable of leading a team, many of his critics will point to just one playoff victory in the last six seasons. Because of their recent losing ways, some would like to see the Cowboys go after a quarterback in the upcoming 2012 NFL Draft.

Could Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III be headed to play for 'America's Team' next season? It doesn't look likely, according to this story from Nate Davis of USA Today:

"Tony is going to play a lot more than two more years," team VP Stephen Jones said via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. "We are going to take care of Tony. Tony is going to be a Cowboy."

Romo is a a three-time Pro Bowler but, more importantly to most Dallas fans, he's won just one playoff game in six years as the starter for "America's Team" and seems to match his amazing performances with spectacular meltdowns.

But Stephen Jones and his father, team owner Jerry Jones, continue to stick by their man; the team's website said the owner has definitively said he won't pursue Luck or RG3.

"There are not many better than him out there," Stephen Jones said. "I hear it -- he hasn't gotten it done yet. I hear it, all of that. But you are not going to find much better than Tony Romo. Every year he improves. As he gets better, our chances get better."

For one, I'm not even sure it would be possible for the Cowboys to move up the draft boards to be in a position to select Luck or Griffin, given their current draft pick of No. 14 overall. Not only would it take that, but the team on the other side of the deal would want at least one more first round pick, and multiple picks in the later rounds.

It also doesn't look like the Colts are even considering dealing the No. 1 pick for Andrew Luck, so we can probably put those rumors to rest for good.

As for Robert Griffin III, it does look like the St. Louis Rams will trade their second pick, but with other teams in the top-ten looking to move up, it's unlikely the Cowboys could offer up enough.

My take: stay with Tony Romo, maybe get a quarterback in the sixth or seventh round, and work on building a better team around him.