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2012 NFL Draft: Chris Owusu Medically Cleared For Concussions

Stanford wide receiver Chris Owusu has reportedly been medically cleared following a series of college concussions ended his 2011 season prematurely. A doctor from the NFL's Head, Neck and Spine Committee declared him "perfectly" normal" and cleared him to begin football activities immediately. Owusu was invited to the 2012 NFL Combine and getting back into action will be important to boosting what was a sagging draft stock.

Owusu has game-breaking skills, but he suffered two concussions in 2011 that ended his season early. Concussion issues have become more and more prominent in recent years, so it will be interesting to see where Owusu goes in the draft. There will likely be at least one team willing to roll the dice on him, but the question is where he might go. After looking like a day two draft prospect, Owusu now is likely all over the board depending on which team you ask. Even with the medical clearance, some teams will be hesitant to reach for the Stanford receiver. He will have plenty to discuss during team interviews in the coming weeks.