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Stanford Linebacker Shayne Skov Arrested For DUI

Stanford's leading tackler from 2010 was booked for DUI early Sunday morning.

Stanford Cardinal linebacker Shayne Skov was arrested for driving under the influence at 2 a.m. on Sunday, Jan. 29th, according to a Stanford University Department of Public Safety report, as reported by The Stanford Daily.

Stanford head coach David Shaw released a statement Monday on the incident:

"We have an expected standard of excellence and conduct for our football players and Shayne failed to adhere to those standards. It’s a matter we are taking very seriously. Shayne will be responsible to adhere to any legal responsibilities regarding this event, along with internal ramifications, which will be determined by the program."

Shaw did not specify how this would affect Skov's eligibility.

Skov led the Cardinal in tackles during his sophomore season in 2010. He was on his way to doing so again in 2011 when he injured his knee two games in. He recorded 19 tackes and two sacks in just over two games for the Cardinal this year.

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