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Andrew Luck Keeps Pace With Robert Griffin III In 2012 NFL Combine

Stanford Cardinal quarterback Andrew Luck posted some pretty good numbers at the 2012 NFL Combine. It's looking very much like he'll be holding onto that number one draft pick unless someone really blows it up at their Pro Day.

Luck was measured at 6'4", 238 pounds, giving him the protoypical size and height are in great shape to make an immediate impact. He also has pretty good arm length at 32 5/8", and has solid hands at 10".

In terms of agility and speed drills, Luck only fell behind the more mobile Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson in his 40 yard time, clocking in at 4.67 seconds. He finished the 20 yard shuttle in 4.28 seconds, and finished the three cone drill in 6.8 seconds. His broad jump was an excellent 124 inches, and Luck finished only behind Griffin with a 36 inch vertical jump. Those are excellent numbers overall, and although they're a clear second place behind the athletic RGIII.

Luck is in great shape and seemed to prove he has all the overall physical metrics to do great. And of course, he's shown plenty of in-game evidence that he's ready to perform at this level.

(via JMPasq)

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