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2012 NFL Combine Results: Andrew Luck Nearly Matches Cam Newton In Drills [VIDEO]

The most high profile day of the 2012 NFL Combine is underway as quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers are all going through their uniform and position-specific drills in Indianapolis. The most famous event is the 40-yard dash, which some call "The Money Maker." Some players will boost their stock with a good 40 and others can hurt their stock with a poor 40.

For quarterbacks, the 40-yard dash is as much simply a box to check as they look to show NFL teams some semblance of athleticism. Consider that box emphatically checked by Stanford QB Andrew Luck. The consensus number one pick in April's draft matched Cam Newton's 2011 performance with an unofficial 4.59 run on his second run of the day. He also came close to came with his 36" vertical leap and his 10'4" broad jump.

Andrew Luck has had solid athleticism throughout his Stanford career, but given his prolific passing numbers combined with his size (6'4, 234) it was always easy to overlook that athleticism. He is not a scrambling QB in the mold of Cam Newton, but he can create plays with his legs as needed. He can move around in and out of the pocket looking for the pass, and he can also tuck it and run for big gains. The best example of his running skills came in a 58-yard scramble against Cal in the 2010 Big Game: