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NFL Combine Schedule 2012: Andrew Luck To Skip Throwing Drills On Sunday

Day five of the 2012 NFL Combine gets going on Sunday with quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers running through the various workout stations. The drills give them a chance to show off position specific skills and general athleticism in things like the infamous 40-yard dash, 3-cone drill, vertical and broad jump and shuttle run. Given that wide receivers and running backs are running their 40s on Sunday, it stands as arguably the highest profile day of the Combine. It is also the day when the most money will be earned or lost in a matter 4.something seconds.

For teams looking at QB Andrew Luck, they will have to wait until the Stanford Pro Day to watch him throw. Luck will not take part in the throwing drills, in part because of the use of receivers he has never worked with previously. Luck shot down rumors that the Indianapolis Colts asked him not to throw at the Combine. NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock is trying to guilt Luck and others into running through the drills, so we'll see if anything changes.

Stanford wide receiver Chris Owusu will be running through the gamut of drills on Sunday as he looks to boost his draft stock. He has been medically cleared following a pair of concussions this past year, but will need to continue showing his stuff to assuage the nerves of teams.

Here's the full schedule for all groups. You can watch the majority of the action for this year's NFL Combine on NFL Network or streaming live at


Group 4 (QB, WR), Group 5 (QB, WR), Group 6 (RB)

Workout (timing, stations, skill drills), departure from Indianapolis

Group 7 (DL), Group 8 (DL), Group 9 (LB)

NFLPA Meeting, psychological testing, interviews

Group 10 (DB), Group 11 (DB)

Measurements, medical examinations, media, psychological testing, interviews

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