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2012 NFL Combine Results: Andrew Luck, David DeCastro Go First Round In Mock Draft

With all of the new measurements and results coming out of the 2012 NFL Combine, took another crack at a revised 2012 mock draft. Let's see where the Stanford Cardinal hopefuls match up.

No surprise that Andrew Luck remains the No. 1 pick by the Indianapolis Colts. Luck and the Colts are already in discussions so nothing is going to change this pick before the draft.

Luck is reportedly already taking his marching orders from the Colts. With Peyton Manning likely to get released soon, "Suck for Luck" will be complete and the new era in Indianapolis will officially begin.

With the No. 19 pick, the Chicago Bears take Cardinal OG David DeCastro instead of a wide receiver:

The Bears said they planned to target a wide receiver in the draft, but the issues that have plagued their O-line in recent years cannot be overlooked. Mike Martz is out as offensive coordinator, and former O-line coach Mike Tice is in. Because quarterbacks, corners and pass-rushers are typically overvalued early in the first round, quality prospects like David DeCastro have a tendency to fall, and a team like the Bears can benefit. Typically, taking a guard this early is considered a no-no. However, DeCastro is highly valued and blocked in a very pro-style offense at Stanford.

And finally, tight end Coby Fleener shows up as the No. 29 pick by the Baltimore Ravens:

The Ravens need to get people around Joe Flacco who can actually catch the friggin' football. Taking a wide receiver like Alshon Jeffery here is too much of a reach with Fleener still on the board. He's an excellent pass catcher and a solid blocker.

We'll find out for sure where these guys end up very soon.

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