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NFL Combine 2012: Test Your Skills With Sample Wonderlic Test

The Wonderlic test has become a staple of any NFL draftee's experience now, forced to take the 12-minute, 50-question exam designed to test the aptitude of prospective employees in the realms of learning and problem-solving. The test score is based on the number of correct questions given in the allotted time, with a score of 20 being a median score that indicates 'average intelligence.'

But now you can try out the Wonderlic test for yourself by taking a simulated exam that gives you three minutes and 36 seconds to answer 15 questions. It isn't the Real McCoy, but gives a pretty good sense of what kind of questions these players are subjected to.

In his book The Thinking Man's Guide To Football, Paul "Dr. Z." Zimmerman listed the average Wonderlic score of NFL players by position. Here's their rank from highest to lowest, you can see where you'd fit in at your former/desired position, or if you should be applying for McArther genius grants or dishwashing duties.

Offensive tackle - 26
Center - 25
Quarterback - 24
Guard - 23
Tight End - 22
Safety - 19
Linebacker - 19
Cornerback - 18
Wide Receiver - 17
Fullback - 17
Running Back - 16

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