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NFL Combine 2012: Mike Mayock Previews Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III [VIDEO]

As the NFL Combine gets going, NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock is in his element breaking down the various players taking part in the festivities. He has had a chance to break down a ton of film on these guys and he can now apply that film breakdown to what he sees in the drills and how the players measure out.

Mayock took a few minutes to chat with Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk (video below) and spent a good chunk of the discussion talking about Stanford QB Andrew Luck. The breakdown begins just after the three-minute mark. Mayock is a fan of what Luck brings to the table as a quarterback, but he is hesitant to declare him a once in a generation talent as many people have been inclined to do over the last seven months. Mayock believes Luck has the work ethic and love of the game that is needed to be great, but he also thinks Luck has areas to work on including making some of the throws at the next level. He thinks there is a good chance Luck is a Pro Bowl QB, but he is not prepared to go beyond that quite yet.

He also took some time to discuss the budding QB battle between Luck and Baylor QB Robert Griffin III. There have been a few mentions of the Peyton Manning versus Ryan Leaf battle back in 1998 but Mayock thinks that if Griffin does continue moving up it is much different than what hindsight has revealed about Manning-Leaf. Leaf was a one year wonder and there were some questions about his mental make-up, which revealed themselves after he was drafted. Although Griffin is coming off his best year, he worked his way up to it with a fairly solid 2010 season.

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