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2012 NFL Draft: Andrew Luck To Get Warren Moon Tutoring?

Andrew Luck doesn't have many issues going into the NFL Draft. He's got a great sense of how to command a pro-style offense, is great at reading defenses and making decisions at the line of scrimmage, knows how to look off defenders and hit his secondary reads, has good accuracy, good mobility, good scrambling ability, can hit players from inside and outside the pocket, you name it. Luck was can't-miss with the Stanford Cardinal in leading them to two BCS bowl appearances.

Still, that doesn't mean there aren't improvements that couldn't be made. Luck could afford to have a little bit more of a quicker release to ensure footballs don't get intercepted. Luck's wind-up is a little bit slower than it probably could be because he wants to make sure he gets the right accuracy to his receivers, but it does leave the football up in the air longer, and that sort of mechanical issue might get exploited by faster NFL defenders.

He might have found the right mentor before the draft to try and fix that up.

Moon is definitely the right guy to talk to when it comes to the quick release. His footballs rifled out of his hand and found his receivers, as the run and shoot dictated timing and precision between quarterback and wideouts. If Luck can find that type of precision, he's that much closer to being a complete prospect.

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