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2012 NFL Combine: Stanford's Coby Fleener Will Not Participate In Athletic Drills

There will be a lot to see at the NFL Draft Combine - except for Stanford tight end Coby Fleener.

Fleener is still dealing with a high ankle sprain he suffered in the Fiesta Bowl against Oklahoma State on Jan. 3. It also kept him out of the Senior Bowl. So scouts won't be able to watch Fleener perform various athletic drills until the much-anticipated Stanford Pro Day on March 23. Joining Fleener will be some guy named Andrew Luck and his other two first-round caliber teammates in offensive guard David DeCastro and offensive tackle Jonathan Martin.

According to a source cited by CBS Sportsline, Fleener has recovered sufficiently from the injury but due to his recovery, hasn't had a change to properly prepare for the Combine-specific workouts. Fleener will still be attendance to participate in medical testing and the interview process.

Fleener is's top-rated senior tight end and the second rated tight end overall behind Clemson junior Dwayne Allen.