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Andrew Luck Could 'Co-Exist' With Peyton Manning, But Prefers To Play

When it comes to the quarterback situation for the Indianapolis Colts, there seems to be two messaged need to be deciphered. The writing is on the wall for the first, they will draft Andrew Luck with the number one pick. The second is more like a cypher in an alien language as to what the team's ownership will do with Peyton Manning.

Either way, Luck says he's ready to get the work right away come next season.

Luck was at the Gatorade Sports Science Institute in Indianapolis on Thursday to get a little workout in. He, among with a number of talented collegiate players, will return in three weeks for the NFL combine and perhaps even after the NFL draft come April.

Luck noted that he could easily 'co-exist' with Manning, but would rather play right away one entering the league.

Manning's surgically-repaired neck forced him to sit out all of the 2011 season, though he says progress is being made and has even been throwing passes once again.. Peyton is due a $28 million roster bonus by March 8, the unofficial deadline for the Colts decision to be made.