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2012 NFL Draft: Jim Irsay Wants Peyton Manning Back. Maybe.

It's Valentine's Day. Love is in the air, girls and boys everywhere are smooching over chocolates and flowers while watching the Twilight saga together. So why wouldn't Jim Irsay want his best buddy Peyton Manning back? Adam Schefter has more.

SportsCenter is also reporting the following:

Is this just Irsay doing spin control on the situation? Irsay didn't seem too particularly happy with Manning the first time he commented on the possibility of his superstar quarterback leaving, and he is receiving a lot of flak for it in public circles. So Irsay might just be making a move to try and show that he does want his quarterback to stick around, but it's up to him on whether he wants to return.

It's more likely that Irsay is pretty much confiding with these statements that he's going forward with Andrew Luck as his main guy regardless, and Luck shouldn't have anything to worry about if the Colts pick him. Accepting Manning on a reduced salary means Indianapolis isn't that confident in his ability going forward, and Peyton should go look and find max money elsewhere.

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