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2012 NFL Draft Pro Days: Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III To Work Out On Same Day

Following the late February NFL Combine, the month of March features most every major college hosting its annual Pro Day for NFL scouts. Pro Days allow scouts to view an entire school of players work out at once. They can view the high profile players while also potentially finding a sleeper in the mix.

Stanford and Baylor have announced their Pro Days and they will take place at the same time on Thursday, March 22. This is particularly interesting because it means Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III will work out on the same day. Andrew Luck is the consensus number one pick at this point, but RG3 has pushed himself up draft boards and could still challenge Luck for the number one spot.

Teams have enough scouts to send them to both teams, but it will be interesting to see how many Colts scouts make an appearance at Griffin's Pro Day versus Luck's Pro Day. On the one hand, most people expect the Colts to take Luck. However, since they have been tracking him most of the year, they might be more inclined to check out Griffin one last time.