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Fiesta Bowl 2012: Jordan Williamson Misses Two Late Field Goals In 41-38 Overtime Loss [VIDEO]

Stanford Cardinal kicker Jordan Williamson suffered the fate every kicker secretly fears but will not publicly state. Williamson had an opportunity to win the 2012 Fiesta Bowl at the end of regulation and missed a 35-yard field goal lined up dead center. In overtime, he had a chance to redeem himself with a 43-yard attempt and missed that as well. The Oklahoma State Cowboys quickly moved down the field in their overtime possession and kicked a game-winning field goal to walk away as Fiesta Bowl champions.

Naturally Williamson was extremely upset following the game as his two misses cost the Cardinal a chance at the Fiesta Bowl trophy. The only way the situation could have been worse was if it had come in a national championship game.

Hopefully Williamson can bounce back in 2012 when the Cardinal return to the field. Being a kicker involves a certain ability to shake off the last miss, no matter how tough a stomach punch it is. It is very much like being a closer in baseball. You have a very specific job and failure at the job often comes at some of the worst possible times.

Ideally he will bounce back and put together a strong 2012 campaign. Some of the best kickers in the NFL have missed supposed chip shots to win games and bounced back strong. Hopefully the same holds true for Jordan Williamson.

End of regulation field goal attempt

OT field goal attempt