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2012 Fiesta Bowl Score: Andrew Luck TD Pass To Ty Montgomery Puts Stanford On Top Of Oklahoma State Through One

After a slow start, the Stanford Cardinal were first on the board at the 2012 Fiesta Bowl as they lead 7-0 after one quarter of play. The game got off to a slow start as both defenses were playing some solid football. On their opening drive, the Cardinal got deep into Cowboys territory on a Stepfan Taylor 38-yard rush, but Jordan Williamson missed a 41-yard field goal.

After the two teams exchanged a pair of punts, Stanford got their seven points on a big play-action bomb to Ty Montgomery. The Cardinal set up the play perfectly with their rushing attack and some underneath passes to the tight end. They ran play action and Montgomery was a good five yards behind the secondary as he hauled in the perfectly placed Luck pass.

Aside from that touchdown, neither quarterback has been particularly spectacular. Luck is 4 of 6 for 68 yards with one touchdown and one interception while Brandon Weeden is 5 of 10 for 26 yards and an interception. Both defenses have brought their A-games.

Here is some video of the Luck-Montgomery touchdown

To discuss the game with Fiesta Bowl fans, visit with Stanford fans at Rule of Tree. Oklahoma State's home on the SB Nation network can be found at Cowboys Ride for Free.