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2012 Fiesta Bowl Predictions: Writer Picks Lean Heavily Towards Oklahoma State Over Stanford

The Fiesta Bowl is today. Oh, you didn't know? Well, that's unfortunate.

But fortunately for you, we grabbed a few predictions from across the country to see where folks are seeing today's game so you can quickly catch up. Yes, we're nice like that.

And the survey says...

The Oklahoman's Berry Tramel, Jenni Carlson, Gina Mizell and John Helsley all picked Oklahoma State to win but all of their predicted scores were within six points, so none of them expect an easy win.

Rivals' Matt Hinton picks Stanford to win due to the ability of the Cardinal's offensive line to handle an OSU defensive front that doesn't have the athletes to make up for their lack of size.

Bruce Feldman and Adam Jacobi are the only CBS Sportsline writers to pick Stanford to win. The five all picked Oklahoma State.

ESPN's David Ubben also picks Oklahoma State to win in a close game.

It's apparent that nobody expects Oklahoma State to dominate, but the majority thinks they'll prevail. It's up to Stanford to turn those slights into motivation and send Andrew Luck off into the sunset with an "upset" win in the Fiesta Bowl.